• Market Cap: $186,167,204,072 $186.2B
  • 24h Vol: $10,431,332,220 $10.4B
  • Coins: 641 641
  • Markets: 2,694 2.7K
  • Dominance: BTC 66.07 | ETH 8.41 | XRP 4.15 |

The Future of Social Investing is Here

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Revolutionizing Social Investing

CoinMarketFeed platform allows world’s best cryptocurrency traders to share their crypto knowledge. Traders can post price predictions, share their trading ideas and provide their portfolio management services to the investors. Our mission is to make cryptocurrency investment everyone’s cup of tea

Prediction Marketplace

Our Prediction Marketplace let’s you buy the predictions directly from the world’s best crypto traders. Traders are only rewarded if the prediction is correct, otherwise the users purchase is refunded.

Cryptocurrency Consultation

Every great investor has a guru. Cryptocurrency Consultation service on CoinMarketFeed allows you to choose your guru to learn trading and investing from. You can reserve a video call with expert traders directly through our platform.

Smart Portfolio Fund

If you’re busy hustling for other more important things in life but don’t want to miss the opportunity to invest in cryptos, we have your back. You can invest in the Smart Portfolio Fund to let expert traders manage your portfolio and bring in profits on your behalf.

“The internet turned everyone into publishers

and crypto will turn everyone into investors.”

Balaji S. Srinivasan

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