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By in Stories on October 1, 2017

Welcome to a pre-release of the Coin Market Feed website.

Knowledge is the key to success. We intend to collect the most relevant information about the crypto market and present it in a condensed way. This way you can estimate the key points quickly and either move on, or read the full article.

We use a combination of human power and machine learning to find and summarize contents. We always link to the original (full) article, and cite authors.

If you run into a great article or a good source of knowledge that should receive more exposure, please let us know via the “Submit an article” link at the top menu.

Our plans

  • Follow multiple high-value streams of information and provide an added value through an intelligent summarization, context building and fact linking.
  • Publish our “Perspective feeds” which gather and evaluate contextual information such as sentiments, anomalies or hard-to-obtain and under-the-hood information.
  • Pack information into visual streams.
  • Market Capitalization Statistics.
  • Customizable dashboards.

If you’d like to see any specific information on our feeds, please let us know via the “Contact” link at the top menu.

Coin Market Feed is a cryptocurrency news website which collects the most relevant information and presents it in a condensed way to save your time. Read more about our mission.

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